Denis Leary Branching Out, Developing a Series About Paramedics


Denis Leary knows a good thing when he sees it, which is why he’s not straying too far from Rescue Me for his new project. While he played a firefighter in that show, his new project for USA involves paramedics. Totally different! He’ll be co-writing an adaptation of the upcoming British series Sirens, although it’s not clear whether or not he’ll have any sort of sizable role in it. As for what the show will be like, here’s a bit on the source material: “Created by Brian Fillis, the six-episode UK series Sirens was inspired by EMT paramedic Tom Reynolds’ book, Blood, Sweat and Tea. It revolves around a trio of paramedics who bicker, fight and shag their way through the darkly funny maelstrom of their lives.”