Diddy Finally Pays Up for That Infamous 1999 Club Shooting


Ghosts from hip-hop's past just keep on popping up these days. While this isn't quite as dramatic as that Tupac-shooter confession, Diddy has finally settled a lawsuit stemming from the 1999 shooting at Club New York — the one from which he fled the scene with then-girlfriend Jennifer Lopez, and that eventually sent Shyne to prison for ten years — coughing up an undisclosed amount, alongside the owners of the club and Shyne himself. (The settlement actually took place earlier this year, but details are just now emerging.) One of the owners, Michael Bergos, tells the New York Post that Natania Reuben, the woman who was shot in the face, got $1.8 million, and two other victims got $500,000 and $50,000. Also, while the club and Shyne had insurance companies covering them, Diddy had to pay straight up because his insurance company from the incident had since shuttered. So, extended family members of Sean Combs, take note: Now might not be the best time to ask him for money. [NYP]