Disney Wants a Yeti Movie Based on the Matterhorn Ride


Disney is prepping yet another ride-to-movie adaptation. Step forward, Matterhorn Bobsled ride: Today is your day. The ride — more of a wild mouse coaster than a traditional peaks-and-drops coaster — puts passengers in faux bobsleds and then sends them down a fake mountain, where they are periodically accosted by anamatronic yetis, and then they splash through some water. The film will be similar! The Hill, which will be written by Spread screenwriter Jason Dean Hall, will center on a group of young adventure-seekers who encounter yetis while on a mysterious mountain expedition. Perhaps the yeti will pursue a red-nosed foe, or perhaps he or she will simply freeze the climbers to the ceiling of a yeti cave. You know, normal yeti stuff. [Heat Vision/THR]