Eddie Murphy and Stevie Wonder Meet Cute


SNL celebrity impersonations are always a gamble, seeing as how many, if not most, famous people have the ability to laugh at themselves surgically removed to keep their weight down (see also: Tom Cruise). Jason Kottke rustled up a a darling story from New York Magazine circa 1982, when Eddie Murphy’s Stevie Wonder impression was primed to sway gently into the hearts of the American public. After delivering his unnervingly spot-on performance during a stand-up set, “Murphy finally sits back down at his table and is astonished when Stevie Wonder is led over to meet him. They have never met before. Murphy rises. Wonder shakes his hand and then throws a right fist at Murphy and says, ‘Mutha, you do me one more time and I’ll whip you!’ But he’s laughing and so is Murphy.”