Futurama’s Writers Reveal Six Hidden Jokes You Probably Missed


For fans of Futurama, the hunt is back on. With new episodes beginning tonight on Comedy Central (10 p.m., 9 p.m. Central), there will be even more freeze-frame gags to obsess about, promises head writer and executive producer David X. Cohen. “Unlike Easter eggs, which you stumble upon by accident, we sneak in things in the background that you have to look for more actively, and if you find them, it’s a bonus,” Cohen said. “But don’t worry, there’s no requirement to notice these things.” Before setting fans free to search the new season for hidden gags and references, Cohen has revealed to Vulture six clandestine geeky in-jokes and well-cloaked bits of foreshadowing from past seasons that only the most dedicated Futuramites might have spotted. And some will come into play again in the plots for the new episodes, like when Bender’s brain goes from microprocessor to macroprocessor; Leela’s mother — who holds a Ph.D. in alien language studies, or Exolinguistics — returns; and the gang visits a head museum. Also on the way: guest stars Stephen Hawking, Buzz Aldrin, and Patton Oswalt. But they'll be easier to spot than the following moments were.