Gaga Collaborators Disavow ‘Edge of Glory’


Not everyone likes Lady Gaga's low-concept "Edge of Glory" video, particularly some of her occasional collaborators, who apparently want to make it clear that they were not involved with the video. Joseph Kahn, who directed Gaga's "LoveGame" video, tweeted that he "did NOT direct Lay Gaga's 'Edge of Glory.'" Laurieann Gibson, Gaga's longtime choreographer and the co-director of the "Judas" video, wasn't part of it either: "411..The EOG.. Video was not directed by me.. And creative Changes happen always educate ignorant Monster's!!!" she wrote. Why the drams? The two were involved initially, but partway through the shoot, Lady Gaga wanted complete creative control — is that really so surprising? — and Kahn's "concept died," according to one of his associates. Said the same associate: "[Kahn] had sets built for a hospital scene, Brooklyn Bridge, and a big underwater mermaid scene. It all made sense." Paws up, claws out. [Pop Wrap/NYP]