Game of Thrones’ Great Moments in Sexposition
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Game of Thrones: Great Moments in Sexposition

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Episode 1

Photo: Courtesy of HBO
Fan-favorite Tyrion likes to multitask: He can receive oral sex and outline his family tree at the very same time. The Queen has two brothers, he explains. "There's the pretty one and there's the clever one." He certainly is clever!
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Episode 4

Photo: Courtesy of HBO
While frolicking naked in a bath, Viserys explains the Targaryen dragon ancestry, describes what Westeros was like when his family was in power, and, for no real reason, rattles off the names of a bunch of dead dragons. You have to talk to sex slaves about something

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Episode 5

Photo: Courtesy of HBO
Mere moments after climax, instead of cuddling, Theon discusses and justifies his presence among the Starks, mentions the economic standing of the Greyjoys, and gives a little bit of relationship backstory for him and favorite prostitute Ros.
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Episode 5

Photo: Courtesy of HBO
Renly and Tyrell discuss their anti-Lannister sentiments and describe Renly's place in the chain of command — "I'm fourth in line!" — while sexily shaving their nipples.
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Episode 5

Photo: Courtesy of HBO
Ned and Littlefinger discuss King Robert's legion of bastard children and Jon Arryn's apparent interest in them, but they're in a brothel, so there are some unrelated bosoms in the background. Just because.
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Episode 7

Photo: Courtesy of HBO
The sexposition scene to end all sexposition scenes. Littlefinger gives a meandering monologue about how he was once in love with Catelyn, how she was in love with Ned's brother, how he learned about his strengths and weaknesses — all while he coaches two prostitutes on the finer points of manual stimulation and orgasm-faking. For those of you keeping score at home, yes, this is Ros's third appearance here (after slides 1 and 3). Maybe we should call this "sexRosition"?


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