Someone Really Needs to Ask Gwyneth Paltrow About Her Mysterious Trip to Japan


"I have never been very good at handling stress," Gwyneth Paltrow confesses in the latest issue of her GOOP newsletter, "and I wanted some very practical ways of reducing it that I could use during the course of my day. I got some good answers that don't require a 90 minute yoga class, or flying to a hippie style silent retreat (I've actually done one — don't ask)." That coy little tease about a silent retreat might sound familiar if you remember the way Paltrow introduced a recipe for savory rice in her recent, over-the-top cookbook: "I first had a version of this at a Japanese monastery during a silent retreat — don't ask, it's a long story." Despite her protestations, she really wants us to ask about this crazy Japanese monastery, right? Did shit go down there? Is this where she went to purge View From the Top? GP, isn't it time for a little candor? [GOOP]