How Did Spider-Man’s Budget Get to $75 Million?

Reeve Carney in a scene from “SPIDER-MAN Turn Off The Dark” ? Jacob Cohl

So, Spider-Man, how exactly did you spend $75 million on your show, more than any other Broadway production in history? Recently released financial statements reveal some of the costs: $9 million on sets, costumes, and shoes; $6 million for stagehands; $1 million on lawyers; $100,000 a week for an $8 million loan used in renovations of the Foxwoods Theater; $4 million spent to rent the theater for two years before performances began (however much is left to get to $75 million, that was spent on Fritos). The bottom line: Unless they can dramatically slash the operating costs of roughly a million dollars a week, Spidey will have to hang around Broadway for seven years (a stretch of time pulled off only by eighteen shows ever) to recoup costs. Here's one possible solution: pass the collection plate around to every late-night talk-show host, arts reporter, and blogger who's been feasting off this story for months. [NYT]