How Will Two and a Half Men Say Goodbye to Charlie Sheen’s Character?


Charlie Sheen called his former boss, Two and a Half Men creator Chuck Lorre, a troll, a cockroach, and a maggot. Sheen claimed there was no Men without him. He went on a cross-country tour badmouthing Lorre. He forced the series to temporarily shut down. He's the reason it'll always be, in part, remembered for its onetime star's antics, and not for its writing. In short, there was really only one way Sheen's character was ever going out, now that the actor's been fired. Spoiler: Charlie Sheen's character will reportedly die "a tragic death." Perhaps by driving a car off of a cliff, even. In any case, the series resumes filming August 5. By the time the dust settles, we wouldn't be surprised if Sheen ends up guest-starring as a ghost, a flashback, or within a dream. Someday. [TMZ]