Hugh Jackman to Lead Big-Screen Les Misérables [UPDATE]


Are you ready for some perfect casting? The King's Speech director Tom Hooper has begun discussions with Hugh Jackman to play the lead in his big-screen adaptation of the Broadway musical Les Misérables, reports Variety. The trade paper doesn't actually know whether Jackman is negotiating for Jean Valjean or his nemesis, Javert, but obviously Jackman needs to be playing Valjean. It's not like we would be mad if he were Javert, but it'd be a little disappointing ... kind of like when we all thought Emma Stone was playing Mary Jane in the new Spider-Man movie, and then she dyed her hair blonde and was actually playing Gwen Stacy. In other words: Don't screw this up, Hooper! You have a slam-dunk within reach! (Yes, we always like to mix sports metaphors with our Broadway-musical reportage.) UPDATE: Deadline says the role is Valjean. [Showblitz/Variety]