In Memoriam: In Honor of Super 8, A Look Back at Other Trains that Went too Soon


Ever since news of the top secret J.J. Abrams-Steven Spielberg collaboration Super 8 began trickling out a little over a year ago, we knew this day would come — the day when another good train would have to give its life for moviegoers' pleasure. The freight train in Super 8, which derailed and crashed in a fictional Ohio town, is but one of many hardworking locomotives to have been sacrificed for the sake of an action-packed crash sequence. Super 8's choo-choo now rests in the big Hollywood train yard in the sky, alongside other venerable members of the railroad community, such as the trans-continental hauler in Silver Streak, AWVR locomotive #1206 from Unstoppable, and the commuter train from Source Code. They may be gone, but their explosive legacy lives on. Grab a tissue, and take a moment to appreciate them and the many other beloved trains we've lost over the years.