It’s Always Sunny’s Rob McElhenney Gained 50 Pounds Just for Fun

Rob McElhenney gained fifty pounds to play Mac this season. Why? For the sheer comedy of playing his character as a fat guy. “It’s been disgusting to watch him go through with this adventure,” said Charlie Day. “We were a little on the fence about it for his own personal health and safety,” he added, “but it has definitely made Mac a lot funnier.”

That is completely amazing. How long will he stay fat? Is this a permanent thing? It’s a lot easier to gain 50 pounds than it is to lose them. The fact that this wasn’t for a specific episode or anything, just because it would be funny, just makes the whole thing better. How do his co-stars top this? Will Charlie lose a pinky? Will Frank get a real face tattoo? The new season can’t come soon enough. [via]