James Franco: ‘I Kind of Wear Too Many Clothes’


At last night's 2nd Annual amfAR Inspiration Gala, James Franco had a confession to make. "I've learned recently that I kind of wear too many clothes," he told Vulture. "A friend of mine pointed that out and I guess it's true. I, uh, have a jacket that I'll have and wear for a couple months and just overdo that. But even during the summer I wear my jacket." The problem, said Franco at the fashion fête, is that he's not convinced that less is more in his case. "I don't wear shorts a lot; I have really pale legs. I wish I could wear shorts. I don't look too great in tank tops, I just look weird. I wish I could sport those a bit more." Is there anything else, like skinny jeans, that Franco simply can't make work? "What?" the sometime-Gucci model laughed. "You're saying I can't wear skinny jeans?"