James Rosemond, Alleged Orchestrator of 1994 Tupac Shooting, Now Connected to Killing of 50 Cent Associate

Steve Rifkinds and Jimmy Henchman during Steve Rifkinds Birthday Party at STK in New York City - March 5, 2007 at STK in New York City, New York, United States. (Photo by Johnny Nunez/WireImage) Photo: Johnny Nunez/WireImage

While the NYPD investigates the validity of Dexter Isaac's confession to the 1994 shooting of Tupac Shakur, new charges have come up against James "Jimmy Henchman" Rosemond — the man Isaac claims ordered the hit on Shakur.

Two men, Rodney Johnson and Brian McCleod, have been accused of murdering Lowell Fletcher, an associate of 50 Cent, in an attack allegedly paid for by Rosemond. The backstory: In 2007, Fletcher was briefly imprisoned for assaulting Rosemond's teenage son, who was wearing a T-shirt bearing the slogan of Czar Entertainment, Rosemond's company; at the time, G-Unit was involved in their feud with The Game, who was then and is still represented by Czar (Tony Yayo was involved in the incident with Rosemond's son as well, but he didn't do time). Shortly after leaving prison, Fletcher was murdered in the Bronx, and investigators allege that it was a retaliation called in by Rosemond. Like with the Tupac shooting, a lawyer for Rosemond — currently a fugitive — has denied the allegations: "The only 'evidence' tying that murder to Jimmy Rosemond is the uncorroborated word of a criminal seeking to get out from under a lengthy jail sentence. Prosecution witnesses have been bribed and threatened, solely in an effort to convict Jimmy, a target of the US Attorney's office for years."

Meanwhile, the Smoking Gun adds some more detail to the Dexter Isaac confession. Apparently Isaac has already told his story to the feds, and it's unclear how reliable he is considered to be. Says the Smoking Gun: "In explaining his decision to cooperate with the government, Isaac explained, 'I’m not gonna spend the rest of my life in prison,' according to one TSG source." There's also a bit about the murder-for-hire plot that landed Isaac up in prison, and it reads like a crime novel: "At that point, Isaac announced, 'I’m going to do it right here.' As Isaac pointed a gun at his head, Hammouda fell to his knees, placed his hands together, and began to pray. Isaac then shot Hammouda twice in the head, leaving the Egyptian immigrant, who had become a U.S. citizen ten months earlier, dead in the darkened street in front of his Borough Park home."

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