Jay-Z Wins Beef You May Not Have Been Aware He Was Engaged In


Without ever actually garnering a response from Jay-Z, Beanie Sigel — the former Roc-a-Fella signee who waged a quixotic campaign for relevance via Jay disses back in 2009 — has laid down his sword. He tells XXL: "Whatever I felt this dude Jay did wrong to me, it can’t outweigh the one thing he did do for me — he gave me an opportunity. Dude gave me an opportunity. A lot of people don’t get opportunities. He gave me that. That outweighs everything. I need that in black and white. I got caught in the moment and put my feelings out there. I should have never done that." Sounds about right! Respect to Beans for belatedly admitting he was wrong, though, and also more respect for Jay's general decorum. Okay, now let's say good-bye to the situation with "What We Do." [XXL]