Joel McHale on Community’s Emmy Chances


Having recently received a Critics’ Choice Television Awards nomination, Community’s Joel McHale is also hoping he’ll soon be cradling that sweet, sweet golden lady statuette following an Emmy nomination. As for why his show has received critical praise but not the commensurate industry love of, say, a 30 Rock, Joel explains, “I’ve been told our audience skews young, which is good, and also that older people don’t understand the show, which is something else… But I just try to illuminate Dan Harmon and the writers’ jokes. [If] we don’t get nominated again this year for anything, but we continue to get the critical acclaim, I’ll be very happy.” If McHale does get to deliver an acceptance speech this year, however, a smooth, baby-soft torso is his first order of business: “Well, first there will definitely be a lot of manscaping. A ton of that. I don’t want there to be any errant hairs [Laughs]. And I would probably write down the people I should thank, because I’m sure I would end up forgetting someone otherwise… [But] my guess is that I would then forget that piece of paper, so I’d ask someone else for their piece of paper, and then I would read that aloud… Ultimately accepting Best Actress for Nurse Jackie…”