Jon Stewart’s Epic New York Pizza Manifesto


When Sarah Palin came to NYC and met with Donald Trump, he took her to get a slice of real New York pizza. But what he really took her too was a terrible chain in Times Square, where The Donald proceeded to stack his slices and eat them with a knife and fork. To real New Yorkers who know a thing or two about real New York pizza, this will not stand. Luckily, we have a guy in our corner who gets it. He also does a great Italian accent.

Jon Stewart spent over seven minutes of last night’s Daily Show going off on Donald for this pizza faux pas, and it’s is something to behold. He goes after him with the energy and vitriol he usually reserves for politicians and news anchors caught blatantly lying; this is a man who cares deeply about this city and, more importantly, its pizza. And how can you not respect that?