Josh Duhamel Returns to Soaps


When James Franco appeared on General Hospital as weirdo performance artist/evil guy Franco, critics heralded it as a kitschy, campy, daring thing to do. It signaled the beginning of the Attack of the Franco — Franco in all mediums and methods and at 9,000 universities. So why does the news that verified movie star and husband-to-Fergie Josh Duhamel will be returning to All My Children seem so sad-sack and desperate? Duhamel will reprise his role as con artist Leo du Pres on the soap, which will air its final episode in September. His character was written off the show in 2003 after disappearing while trying to save a woman drowning in a waterfall (sure). His body was never found, leaving it open for a possible return. Ugh, double sad. [EW]