Josh Pence Joins Aaron Sorkin Pilot


The cast for Aaron Sorkin's HBO pilot More As the Story Develops is pretty much complete: Josh Pence, John Gallagher Jr., and Thomas Sadoski have all signed on for the show, which stars Jeff Daniels as cable-news anchor and Emily Mortimer as his new producer and former flame. Gallagher, who won a Tony in 2007 for his role as Moritz in Spring Awakening, has been cast as the heroic and lovable newbie producer Jim, described in the script as someone who "doesn't know that he's an incredibly good-looking guy because he saw All the President's Men when he was seven years old and never looked back." Pence, probably best known as the guy who got edited out of The Social Network to make room for two Armie Hammers, has been cast as Rob, the slightly jerky senior producer and crummy boyfriend to Maggie (Alison Pill), the girl Jim falls for. Sadoski, a Tony nominee for reasons to be pretty, will play Don, the spurned former producer of the show's central newscast. Ooooh, we can feel the simmering righteousness from here! [Deadline]