Spider-Man Still Owes Julie Taymor Six Figures

Julie Taymor Ice Sculpture by Randy Finch Photo: Konstantin Sergeyev

Julie Taymor is gone from the retooled Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, but she won't be forgotten. Taymor's representatives claim that she's still owed six unpaid months of work from directing the musical — a fee that could potentially amount to upwards of $300,000 — and that producers refuse to respond to her attempts to collect. "Julie was paid $125,000 five years ago. For nine years of work on this project that is all she has been paid," says Laura Penn, the executive director of the Stage Directors and Choreographers Society. "It's startling. People assume it's an $85 million production and she made $10 million or walked away with a settlement in the six figures. And it's just not true." In a manner befitting its source material, this could be a very sticky situation. [Daily Beast]