Justin Timberlake Defends Britney Spears


Movie actor Justin Timberlake sat down for one of Playboy's extensive interviews, and the world learned some things. Like:

Timberlake basically co-wrote Friends With Benefits:

[W]hen they first gave me the script, this was a PG-13 movie. I didn’t think it was funny enough. I said I didn’t know how you could have a movie called Friends With Benefits without embracing the “benefits” part.

He'll always love his Bad Teacher co-star Cameron Diaz:

“Oh my God, that’s so weird that you two dated for four years.” I don’t know what else to say except the truth, which is that we’re friends. We don’t talk to each other all the time, but we respect each other, and on some level we’ll always love each other — but in our new capacity as friends.

He's actually got pretty sound reasoning for not doing music anymore:

[T]o do an album and a tour, you have to be absolutely certain that whatever you have to say is from the heart, because you’re going to say it a thousand times — and on nights when you don’t feel like performing. You need to feel inspiration to get to a level where you’re performing like that. But I haven’t felt that level of conviction the past few years. And without that conviction it’s crazy to put yourself out there.

He wasn't getting that much action back in the *NSYNC days:

I hate to disappoint you, but I was the youngest one in the group, so the other guys were getting more of that action, and they were protective of me. I think I was the one who cared about what we were doing onstage. My role was, we’d come offstage every night and get a DVD of the show, just like an athlete watching tape from a game.

Leave Britney alone!:

[T]his thing that happens online bothers me — these anonymous commenters. People think they can say anything and it doesn’t matter to people. I’d love to see the people who comment about Britney online say those things to her face, because they couldn’t. Also, in Britney’s defense, if you pulled up a video I did from 2003, I couldn’t do the shit I did then either.

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