Killer Elite Trailer: Watch Jason Statham Beat Up Clive Owen, a Lot


Clive Owen tends to play a badass, like in movies such as Shoot 'Em Up and Sin City, and for all we know, his role as the villain in Killer Elite may afford him the same opportunities. The trailer, however, does not. Working against Owen are the following factors: that mustache, which is so "weird guy at the bar," and also, there is the teensy matter of how many times he gets punched, kicked, or hit with a chair by Jason Statham. Yes, it seems that Statham set his sights a little higher when casting his new action movie, because he nabbed Owen to be the bad guy and Robert De Niro to be ... the guy who stands in a room for the whole movie waiting for Statham to rescue him? (Hey, if they met his quote for less than a week of work, why not?) But do we really want to root for Jason Statham to beat up Clive Owen? We like Clive Owen! Get away, Clive Owen! Run!