Lady Gaga and Slavoj Žižek Are Buddies

Lady Gaga video still

According to the New York Post, Lady Gaga and Slavoj Žižek — the 62-year-old Slovenian Marxist theorist — are good pals. What? Yes. They spent a lot of time together during Gaga's spring tour, talking "feminism and collective human creativity." (Also: As he's written, he sees the meat dress as a nod to "the consistent linking in the oppressive imaginary of the patriarchy of the female body and meat, of animality and the feminine.") The Post basically makes it sound like they were maybe dating, although Žižek says, "I am terribly sorry to disappoint you, but this is all a fake! The only thing I share with her is the support for the strike [Gaga showed up at a lecturer's union strike in London earlier this year]." Bernard-Henri Lévy is so jealous right now. Update: Disappointingly, as Zizek said, this really is fake. [Page Six/NYP]