Last Night on Late Night: Cameron Diaz Crushes Letterman’s Foot, Then Has Him Eating Out of Her Hand


Last night on Late Show with David Letterman — and a cringingly awkward one at that — Cameron Diaz of Bad Teacher accidentally crushes Letterman's foot. He gets over the pain only to gnaw and nibble at the air until she feeds him popcorn in their impersonation of what really happened between Diaz and boyfriend Alex Rodriguez in a paparazzi-shot photo. Also: Owen Wilson has a chat with the daughter of Woody Allen — who, by the way, is "terrified" of Wilson's dog — about the sheer potential of having bloopers at the end of Allen's movies; Neil Patrick Harris of Smurfs wants his new twins to call him "papa" in a slightly nasal, high-pitched British accent, but Conan O'Brien warns him they may rebel and call him something less savory; and Jimmy Fallon shares his nickname for ocean navigator Morgan Freeman, the wise voice behind the TV series Through the Wormhole. Watch our compilation to see what you missed.