Watch Law & Order’s Fake Spider-Man Song, ‘This Is Hubris’


Last night's Law & Order: Criminal Intent was the much-dreamed-of Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark episode, and it did not disappoint. Cynthia Nixon's faux Taymor got in a few choice lines — "brighter! dazzle me!" — but truly, the entire episode was a send-up gem. Every time there was a chance to make a dig at Spider-Man, they made it! "You have a potential Spider-Man on your hands here," a massive Vincent D'Onofrio warned. "Embarrassing headline, production delays, an industry joke ... " Later, the detectives tried to egg Nixon on: "Maybe you didn't want to be another Julie Taymor," they wondered, knowing how this crazed character craved creative control, on account of her singleness, which was mentioned four separate times during the episode. But without a doubt, the highlight of this episode was the song "This Is Hubris," from the fake musical Icarus. (The title itself is another Taymor jab, too: The programs for Turn Off the Dark included a section about the "hubris" of Arachne.) Spoiler: The episode ends with D'Onofrio ham-mouthedly asking, "What made the two of you think you could get away with murder?" and Cynthia Nixon astutely — and hilariously — replying, "hubris." Hubris! Oh, hubris.