Stephen Colbert’s Super PAC Approved By FEC


Oh boy. The 2012 elections are going to be even crazier than Michele Bachmann guaranteed they would be. Last night Stephen Colbert welcomed back Trevor Potter, his lawyer and former chair of the FEC, to discuss the likely outcome of this morning’s battle in the Sarlacc pit FEC hearing to determine if Stephen can form a Super Pac for the 2012 election. While fans were encouraged to rally outside at the building, word got out that Colbert’s Super PAC was approved by the FEC in a vote of 5-to-1, which almost certainly means he will be elected President in a wacky write-in voting mishap. For those who are interested, you can actually listen to Stephen Colbert’s FEC hearing online through the committee’s site. Democracy in action, people! Hilarious, hilarious democracy.