Lucky Trailer: Colin Hanks, Killing People


No one person has benefited more from the reveal of Chet Haze, Tom Hanks's frat-rapping son, than Colin Hanks, Tom Hanks's normal actor son. Sure, Colin will never live up to the legendary, manifold career enjoyed by his father; he might never again even live up to the brilliance of his own early work, in Orange County. But all that seems irrelevant when considering the path, now clearly elucidated by the misguided musical aspirations of Mr. Haze, that Colin has not traveled. So let's take the opportunity of the release of the trailer for Lucky — a low-key serial-killer comedy that screams "nineties," but not in a bad way — to appreciate the hard work Hanks's first born has put into becoming a regular, non-frat-rapping working actor. As for the movie itself: Hanks plays a mild-mannered type who wins the lottery, gets Ari Graynor to marry him for his money, and then gets her to stick around even though it turns out he's been killing women who look just like her. It looks funny, on purpose.