The Fug Girls’ Favorite Cases of Casting Gone Wrong


We freely admit that we’re mostly curious about The Green Lantern (which premieres on Friday) because it’s roughly two hours of Ryan Reynolds’s naked body in a CGI green suit. But we’re also intrigued by the deliciously train-wreck-y possibility of what feels like a major casting misstep: Gossip Girl’s sunny, blithe Blake Lively as Carol Ferris, pilot and go-getter vice-president of a major aircraft company. During every preview we saw, the audience chortled at the sight of her, perhaps thinking of the many pilots and go-getter VPs they know whose predominant traits do not involve hair-flipping. While awaiting the verdict on Lively’s blockbuster debut, we’ve reminisced here about the miscastings that have most made us snicker over the years, for reasons cinematic, historic, and personal. Here’s hoping that after Friday, Blake still isn’t on the list. For her sake.