Mission: Impossible — Ghost Protocol Trailer: Do You Choose to Accept Tom Cruise?


The first teaser trailer for the confusingly punctuated Mission: Impossible — Ghost Protocol is out, and it's a rousing bit of business that nevertheless cribs extensively from the previous three films. (Well, okay, not so much is borrowed from John Woo's operatically wackadoo second installment.) You've got Tom Cruise being flung forward like a rag doll from multiple explosions. You've got the de rigueur tall building climb/fall. You've got the team's requisite ethnic hottie undercover in a brightly colored evening dress, you've got Simon Pegg, and you've got the wire-aided descent down an air shaft. What do you have here that you haven't had before? Well, there's the briefly glimpsed Jeremy Renner and Josh Holloway. (That should sway some of you.) You've also got an Eminem soundtrack. (That might not.) But most important, you've got animation genius Brad Bird behind the live-action camera for the first time. That's enough for us to keep our fingers crossed and fuses lit.