My Morning Jacket and Erykah Badu Continue Mutually Beneficial Relationship


When Vulture spoke with My Morning Jacket front man Jim James about last night's Todd Haynes–directed YouTube concert, he was coy about whether or not the two sterling entities would link up for that "Tyrone" cover the band has been doing — at times with Badu herself — over the last few years, saying, "People are going to guess that, but we’re still nailing down the set list." Turns out, that's because MMJ and Erykah offered much more: Badu ended up joining the band for four songs, including two of her own ("Twinkle" and "Tyrone") and two of the band's ("The Day Is Coming" and "Wordless Chorus"). One of each is present now for your viewing pleasure, although only "Wordless Chorus" has been provided in crystal-clear professionally taped video quality. Still, the fact that the footage of this particularly bonkers rendition of "Tyrone" — highlighted by James, on his knees, shredding, while Badu shimmies above him — is a bit shaky offers something extra to its off-the-cuff charms. Better or worse than Mildred Pierce?