New York Times Review Eviscerates New York Times Documentary

Director: Andrew Rossi Photo: Photographer: Andrew Rossi

In the interest of objectivity, the New York Times thought it would be best if the reviewer of Page One: Inside The New York Times, the documentary about the Times' media desk that's out today, was not a New York Times staffer. And so they selected Michael Kinsley — the guy who made contrarianism cool over a long career at places like The New Republic, Slate, and Harper's — to do the deed. Boy, did he ever. The result is a gloriously brutal and blunt review of the film: reading it in the Times is akin to looking through a fun-house mirror, though the mirror could more aptly be described as a drily dismissive and barely apologetic, rather than "fun." Kinsley writes, "The movie, directed by Andrew Rossi, is, in a word, a mess," and keeps going from there. Read it over your morning coffee! [NYT]