Party Lines Slideshow: Josh Charles, Kevin Kline, Lauren Ambrose, and More at the Public Theater Gala


He may have just finished a big press push for his Emmy-contender show The Good Wife, but when Vulture caught up with Josh Charles at the Public Theater's annual gala this week, he seemed totally relaxed. "I’m enjoying a vacation, going away for a little bit, and I plan on coming back right as we begin the new season," he said. "So my mind is sort of far from that [the Emmys]. I mean, obviously I’ve been doing some press for the show so people are talking about it, but I can only control things that are in my control — and that’s so far from my control." When we told him about Vulture's summer of fact-checking pop-culture nostalgia and asked him if he ever revisits his own old-school gem, Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead, he said, "I don’t usually watch things I do. Maybe sometimes, but very rare." (Note: He really should rewatch this one. It's, like, the best movie ever.) "That’s the sort of beauty of theater," he continued before heading into the second half of the Shakespeare In the Park performance of All's Well That Ends Well. "It’s an evolving, living thing, whereas television or film, you lock it into a specific period of time ... and you’re constantly thinking about what could have been." For more star thoughts from outside Central Park's Delacorte Theater, click through our slideshow.