Patton Oswalt on Memory and Our Media Appetite

But the books! The books, everywhere! Yes, they “furnish a room,” and there are certain ones I really do intend to re-read someday, when I’m older and know I’ll experience them differently (everyone should be required to read Huck Finn at 9, 21, 40 and then 60). But how many will I really remember, will I quote day to day in my head, will affect me as much as when I first heard Satie’s “Gnossienses: No. 1 - Lent”, or saw Tuco assembling his supergun in The Good, The Bad and The Ugly (a metaphor I’ve re-used for so many doubtful moments in my life), or read Cormac McCarthy’s description of the massed Apache near the beginning of Blood Meridien (“death hilarious”) or when I first saw this fucking commercial for cheap cookies?