Radiohead Premieres New Song; Thom Yorke Premieres New Dance Moves


King of Limbs, Radiohead's most recent sneak-attack album, is a subtle, careful thing, nuanced and delicate and enchantingly odd. And if all you remember from it is Thom Yorke getting the hell down in the "Lotus Flower" video, well, that's just fine with us. Yorke's beautiful, manic dance moves have gotten increasingly more shine over the progression of Radiohead's career, and Vulture cannot be more appreciative. Their latest incongruous appearance comes in the advance footage of upcoming BBC program Radiohead — The King of Limbs: Live From the Basement, which will feature a studio performance of all of Limbs, along with some other stuff. For example: this new track, "Staircase," a propulsive, compact jam that's like the soporific-in-a-good-way Limbs' badass, drinking-and-smoking older cousin. In the clip, Yorke bops his head, waves his newly lustrous locks from side to side, and — our favorite — sort of, like, shimmies his neck up and down? (See 1:16 to 1:20). Also, bonus points for bassist Colin Greenwood, who's making some serious, well-deserved "I am rocking this shit" faces. [Consequence of Sound]