The Japanese Real Steel Trailer Reveals Robots, Exciting New Hugh Jackman Outfit


In this corner, we've got the Japanese trailer for our sublimely goofball fall hope, Real Steel, about robots with mohawks who punch each other and the father and son who bond while watching this occur. As you might expect from a trailer geared toward the Japanese audience, it is full of new footage of the robots, so if that's what you're excited for, have at it! As always, we are most psyched for the tasty cheese served on a platter by Hugh Jackman and director Shawn Levy, so you can imagine our joy when we got 52 seconds into this trailer and saw Hugh wearing a tie-with-no-sleeves combo that could serve as his big-budget audition to succeed Jeff Timmons as the host of the Chippendales Live experience in Las Vegas. Is this how down-but-not-out boxing promoters dress in the future? Sold!