Rebecca Black Pulls ‘Friday’ From YouTube (Then Puts it Back)


Rebecca Black's viral anthem "Friday" presented the young singer with several conundrums: Which seat should she take? If tomorrow is Saturday, what comes afterward? And most important, would it be better for Black to yank the embarrassing video from YouTube, or leave it up and try to transform her Internet infamy into something positive? At first, it looked like Black intended to do the latter, as she rejected Ark Music Company's initial offer to pull the video and instead rode her fifteen minutes of fame into a supporting role in Katy Perry's latest jam. Now, though, YouTube visitors attempting to watch the "Friday" clip are in for a rude awakening: The video is gone, because Black has made a copyright claim on it. If she's trying to get some big cash out of it, consider this Black's move from the back seat to the front seat. UPDATE: It's back, under Black's own account! And though it promises a "Director's Cut," it's still the same version. Your Fridays have been restored. [TechCrunch]