Rick Ross Does Not Use His iPhone to Play Angry Birds


He uses it to sell drugs! Ross first elucidated that fact in the chorus to his latest bit of bombast, "9 Piece," and now the video proof is here. So: witness Ross, in a car with buxom ladies, rapping emphatically into a phone; witness him strolling into a diner after catching the disapproval of clueless cops; witness him looking actually pretty great in a sharp gray suit (also, witness Lil Wayne looking like the bassist of a Warped tour band called Forever on the Front Nine or Bonsai Tree Bandits or It's Not Me It's You or Southpaw Paw or something). This is the first release from Ross's upcoming God Forgives, I Don’t, an album that — considering the overachieving Rick did last time out with Teflon Don — people will be excited for. Will that excitement at all be tempered by the fact that Ross now seems to be making the exact same song over and over? No, probably not. Also: Careful, there are boobs at the end of this video.