Ryan Murphy’s New Show Sounding Vaguely Like Glee


Kidding! Sort of. Ryan Murphy, creator of the Glee empire (and with The Glee Project, the concert tour, and the iTunes sales, it really is an empire), recently finished filming the pilot for his new show, American Horror Story. Murphy summarized its conceit for EW: "It’s a genre piece and it has creatures in it." (So far so Glee!) "But [it] is also really about things that we in our day-to-day American society right now find scary." (Still sounds vaguely like Glee ... ) "So the edict in the writers room is, let’s write about scares us. What scares you? What scares me? So it’s really about paranoia and suspicion. It’s very sexual between Connie [Britton] and Dylan [McDermott]." Sexual chemistry between the show's leads? Fine, we're convinced. It's a different show. Ryan Murphy on his new pilot 'American Horror Story' and adapting 'The Normal Heart' [Inside TV/EW]