Saddle Up For Jon Benjamin Has A Van


It’s going to be hard to watch Comedy Central’s Jon Benjamin Has a Van, without imagining it’s Sterling Archer traveling across the United States reporting on fake human interest stories. Which he would definitely not do, seeing as how it might involve interacting with ugly, stupid people. Says the his new show’s site, “Jon Benjamin takes you for a ride in this new inventive, irreverent and hilarious narrative/fake news magazine comedy show, Jon Benjamin Has a Van. Every week Jon brings you fresh and unique takes on stories from all across America. Each show is a new adventure where Jon unwittingly becomes part of a story he’s investigating.” Benajamin teams up with Leo Allen, Nathan Fielder and Gary Wilmes for the show, which premieres Tuesday, June 14. And, despite what it sounds like, it couldn’t be Bob either. That man has a business to run, people.