Scott Foley Cast on True Blood


Scott Foley has been cast on the upcoming season of True Blood, because if there's anything we know about that show, it's that there just aren't enough people on it. Foley will play an old friend of Terry's who decides to visit Bon Temps on account of all the vampires, fairies, werewolves, werepanthers, witches, and sexy-times that make the town tick. Who could stay away? The "major recurring role," which could continue into a potential fifth season, won't interfere with Foley's part on Grey's Anatomy, where he plays Henry, the winsome patient Teddy is so obviously in love with. I mean, come on, Teddy, just get together with him already, are you serious; he's so cute and you guys are already pity-married for insurance, good grief. Scott Foley, ladies and germs! [TVLine]