See the Awkward Moment Involving Chris Brown and Rihanna From Last Night’s BET Awards


While Glastonbury commanded most of the music world's attention last night, there was one other spectacle to be seen. In L.A., all manner of rappers congregated at the BET Awards to celebrate and be celebrated. Why, during just one award, three people were celebrated at once! Above, witness as the Coca-Cola Viewers' Choice Award is first given to Chris Brown, then Rihanna, and then finally Drake, accepting on behalf of Rihanna. Drizzy (whose relationship with Rihanna was not quite as public as Brown's) sums things up nicely: "Well, this is awkward." (Also: "OVO OXO, your girl at my next show. Ayy!") For the record, the award was supposed to go to Chris Brown. BET's Stephen Hill explained later, saying, "That BET Awards Viewers Choice mix-up was due to human error. And I was the human that made that error. I apologize to all affected."

And on a more positive note, here's Drake doing "I'm On One" with friends:

Bonus! The official video for "I'm On One." The best part is when DJ Khaled is all nonchalantly drinking Four Loko on a balcony.