Bono and the Edge ‘Shocked’ Julie Taymor by Ousting Her


If you were wondering whether ousted Spider-Man director Julie Taymor saw it coming or not, allow the New York Times to wring the last drops of drama out of this musical. "Julie was clearly exhausted, overwrought, and we were tip-toeing around her," the Edge explained. “I certainly didn’t feel I could be 100 percent frank with Julie, because she was carrying so much of the weight.” The paper says the show's composers "ultimately lost faith in [Taymor] and quietly maneuvered to overhaul Spider-Man, before shocking Taymor with her ouster." Bono now says if he could do it all over again, he wouldn't: "If we thought it would take this long, there is not a chance on earth we'd have done it." But, still, as of two and a half weeks ago, "I love Spider-Man," he added. [NYT]