Stephen Colbert Slaps Jimmy Fallon’s Hands Away From His Coattails


If you were hoping for a Stephen Colbert/Jimmy Fallon beef to break out over the upcoming Emmys, your oddly specific wish has been granted. On last night’s Colbert, Stephen went for his erstwhile pal’s jugular after seeing that Fallon had used a photo of Colbert’s rendition of “Friday” as part of his Emmy promotional materials, despite the fact that they’re competing in the same category. “I don’t know why you’d need to. After all, segments in which audience members lick trombones for $10 scream broadcast excellence,” Colbert wrote in his new, very own thank-you notes segment. “May riding my coat tails in your screener win you an Emmy, just as riding Queen Latifah’s coattails in Taxi won you an Oscar.”