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coen brothers

The Coen Brothers’ Next Movie Is About the Greenwich Village Folk Scene

Two weeks ago, the Coen brothers teased that their next movie was going to feature a lot of music, "pretty much all performed live, single instrument." And now the Los Angeles Times' 24 Frames reports that instrument will belong to Dave van Ronk, a legend of the downtown fifties and sixties folk scene. Ronk died in 2002, but left behind dozens of albums, a posthumous memoir (The Mayor of MacDougal Street), and a who's who list of friends, including Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, and Phil Ochs. No word yet on casting, but middle-aged van Ronk looks vaguely like John C. Reilly. Somebody send the Coen Brothers a copy of Walk Hard. [24 Frames/LAT]

Photo: John Byrne Cooke/Wikimedia Commons