The Killing Is ‘a Holistic Journey,’ Says Its Showrunner

Photo: Chris Large/AMC

The Killing's showrunner, Veena Sud, says she's "flattered and I guess surprised a little bit" by the fan reaction to Sunday's infuriating finale. "I mean, the last time I felt this personally myself, and saw this type of reaction, was when The Sopranos ended its run," she told the Hollywood Reporter. " If the show can be in that company, it's a deep compliment." Except that plenty of things actually happened on The Sopranos, the whole marketing campaign around the series finale wasn't "What Happens at the Restaurant?" and the show had a sound internal logic. Sud's sticking to her talking points about the show not being a procedural and says that fans put off by The Killing's circular investigation are missing the point. "Either it's a left brain journey where you're just connecting the dots of who the suspects are or it's more of a holistic journey where a young girl is murdered these are the potential suspects and this is why," she says. She's just happy the show inspires strong reactions in its viewers: "The fact that people love us or hate us is a beautiful thing. I don't want to be kinda liked." [Race/HR]