The Next Movie-to-Broadway Adaptation Is ... Big Fish


Remember Tim Burton's whimsical 2003 film Big Fish, starring Billy Crudup, Ewan McGregor and Albert Finney? According to the film's screenwriter John August, the movie's been optioned as a Broadway musical. "This isn’t one of those announcements where some people had lunch and said, 'Hey, maybe let’s try to do a show.' It’s written. Two acts. Amazing songs. We’ve read it and sung it forty times for lots of different people," wrote August on his blog Wednesday. "Studious readers of the blog and my Twitter feed may have noticed I’ve been in New York City a lot. This is why." Big Fish received Oscar nominations for Best Score and Best Original Music, but garnered mixed reviews from critics. And Big Fish isn't the only recent film adaptation. It's so hot right now! Carrie, The Goonies, and Dave (remember Dave?) are also on their way. [Movieline]