The Nostalgia Fact-Check: Watch Heathers With Us

Photo: Courtesy of New World Pictures

Earlier this week, we told you that we would be starting a new, regular feature, the Nostalgia Fact-Check, in which we reconsider some of the music, movies, and TV we used to love to see if they still hold up. We asked for your suggestions. There were a lot of great ones, and we'll be working through them as the summer goes on, but we're going to start with 1988's Heathers, starring Winona Ryder, Christian Slater, and some seriously mean girls named, of course, Heather. We'd love it if you watched along with us, so please, take some time between now and next Tuesday (when we'll be running our take) to reacquaint yourself with the movie and its groundbreaking use of the word "damage," and then we can all reevaluate the movie's merits together.