Get an Advance Peek at Torchwood: Miracle Day


Technically, Torchwood: Miracle Day is the fourth season of the Doctor Who spinoff series that heretofore has existed Stateside on BBC America. But Starz, the show's new American home, is wisely marketing Miracle Day as a brand-new thing in order to expand the franchise beyond its core audience of Anglophile sci-fi fans. The first trailer for the new installment, released two weeks ago, made little reference to past mythology and instead focused on the intriguing premise for this new season: What would happen if suddenly all the humans on Earth stopped dying? Now the network is rolling out some online vignettes to help flesh out the backstories of Captain Jack Harkness (the bisexual time traveler at the center of the series) and five other key characters. Today Vulture premieres one of these first-person trailers, for Harness's partner, bad-ass former cop Gwen Cooper (still played by Eve Myles). Check out the video; Torchwood: Miracle Day premieres on Starz July 8.