TV Is Liberal, Conservative Discovers

Primetime Propaganda book cover Photo: Broadside Books/Courtesy shot

"Hollywood discriminates against conservatives," claims Benjamin Shapiro in his upcoming book, Primetime Propaganda. Just look at the lesbian wedding on Friends! And the lack of guns on MacGyver! And Laugh In was against the Vietnam War! Put that in your PC pipe and smoke it! This is why America is so liberal now, and why there are no wars, there's effective gun control, and gay people have equal rights.

Shapiro interviewed plenty of major players, including Marta Kauffman (Friends), Larry Gelbart (MASH), Fred Pierce (former ABC president), and David Shore (House), and general consensus seems to be that yes, liberalism is "dominant." To quote Friends — that bastion of liberalism where everyone was white and comfortably wealthy and cisgender and able-bodied and apolitical except that they believe tertiary-character lesbians are people, too — that is brand-new information.

These are some of the ostensibly damning conversations, where writers and producers are not appropriately ashamed of being liberal:

But what does this add up to? That there aren't enough conservative viewpoints on television, even though the most popular shows on TV are more popular with Republicans than with Democrats? That Kelsey Grammer, Dennis Miller, and Mallard Fillmore aside, it's hard to find conservative voices in comedy? Fair enough, though for all of Shapiro's hand-wringing about the homosexual agenda being pushed by Hollywood, he should be comforted to know that every pro-gay joke is matched by a "What are you, gay?" homosexual-panic gag. And even better news for those looking for a more old-fashioned agenda on TV: Next fall will be packed with new TV shows about guys sick and tired of living in the woman's world that we are apparently living in. Take that, late Larry Gelbart!

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